• Teams of up to 16 and 20 goals.

  • The highest international handicap among Argentina, England and United States will be taken into account.
    All those cases that do not have handicap in their countries, will be evaluated by the Handicap Commission.
    The Players who have more than 4 (four) goals and that have participated in the previous season in matches High and medium Handicap( organized by the AAP) will play with the Argentine Handicap. The teams are responsible for signing up correctly. If there is a mistake, the commission will evaluate the possible sanctions.

  • The game is played with professional umpires and the regulation of the AAP.

  • All the enrolled teams, will play a minimum of 4 matches.

  • Each team should bring to all matches, a ponie with tack for umpire.

  • Those who do not comply with the requirement will be fined with U$S 100 (one hundred dollars). If the penalty is not paid, they will not be able to play the next match.

  • Each team must have two (2) sets of t-shirts of different colors for each match so that In the case of matching the color of the T-shirt with that of the opposing team, a draw can be made.

Each team must have 1 (one) amateur player. If this player is unable to play some match, he or she may be replaced by another player of the same category. An amateur player is one whose means of life is not playing polo. In the case of being a minor, the organisation will have the possibility of accepting them or not. If necessary, a list of players able to perform as substitutes will be provided.